Monday, 4 August 2014

The end depends upon the beginning

Hello! My name is João Monteiro, and my friends call me… João Monteiro :)

In the past few months, I was given the opportunity to share some thoughts about financial markets, and most of you have been aware of it through Social Networks such as Linkedin and Facebook.

A blog is not only a port of ideas, but also a single place where you can follow my opinions and alerts via simple click, using your computer, tablet or phone. 

I have neither found the Holy Grail, nor have I got any inside information that will make you become rich.
Nevertheless, life becomes easier when we listen to advice from people who are willing to help and I´m one of those kind of guys.

Here you will be able to follow my articles on the media/press, some technical analysis on currencies and Indexes, tools that can convert a possible random day into a successful and memorable one!

I will be here all the time (except when I´m not), and THAT´S WHAT I´M TALKING ABOUT ;)

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