Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Markets | 02/09/2014 | Nikkei soaring off the back of renewed Yen weakness

We've seen something of a mixed session for Asian equities on Tuesday with the Nikkei soaring off the back of renewed Yen weakness, although the situation has been less clear cut between Shanghai and Hong Kong. Chinese manufacturing data disappointed yesterday and although some are clearly backing the idea that this will see Beijing announce more stimulus measures in a move that has lifted Chinese equities, with overall growth still very much seen as being on track, there's a good chance the government will decide to do nothing - for now, anyway.

Wall Street is expected to return after the long weekend break with traders having to play a degree of catch up, although the general air of support for the greenback is likely to put some downside pressure on stocks. There's the US ISM manufacturing reading due for release shortly after the opening bell and with bullish expectations here, any shortfall could leave traders scrabbling to lock in profits after Friday's bumper close. The key release for any however will be Friday's non farm payrolls but for now we're calling the DOW up 32 at 17130 and the S&P up 5 at 2008.

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