Thursday, 16 October 2014

Markets | 16/10/2014 | Eurozone CPI print, and suggestions of Beijing stimulus measures

Any hope that bargain hunters would look to prop up European markets this morning appears to have been squarely dashed in early trade with broad-based selling remaining the order of the day. There’s some cheer being found in London but even the FTSE-100 has seen some marked declines in the first hour and the big number that many are waiting for now will be the Eurozone CPI print. With a forecast reading of just 0.8%, the amount of wiggle room policymakers now have is rapidly diminishing, so even a relatively small undershoot would raise some very real concerns that deflation is on the cards. Disappointment here could easily see another protracted bout of selling.
It’s been a case of red numbers across all the major Asian indices today too, with the Nikkei leading the way lower as fears of global demand being dented have once again been weighing. Losses are somewhat more modest in China and Hong Kong – there are suggestions that Beijing will need to intervene with broad based stimulus measures to prevent the country falling into a deflationary spiral as property prices risk collapse so this may be softening the blow, but it’s not enough to defeat the bears.
Looking ahead to Wall Street, despite that late session rally yesterday, futures are eyeing a lower start once again. Arguably if the situation in Europe and Asia is looking so depressed, even more suggestions that a Fed rate hike will be pushed back a while seems unlikely to have a meaningful impact on sentiment, Ahead of the open we’re calling the DOW down 39 at 16103 and the S&P down 6 at 1856.

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